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Soul Salmon Gallery II: Bumbershoot
All photos, unless stated otherwise, are © Sara Mall Johani. Please feel free to use them and please credit the photographer whenever you do.

The following fish were photographed at Bumbershoot, The Seattle Arts Festival. OneReel, the organization that puts on Bumbershoot, commissioned a series of 10 fish to be artistically transformed. If you're reading this before September 4th, head downtown and check them out.

"Fish Burning", by Barbara Thomas

"Lucky Luey", by Frank Samuelson

"Malila", by Alfredo Arreguin

"Silent Witness", by Frank Irlanda

"We Burn Daylight", by Richard Kehl

"Eat Tuna", by Eric Krag

Soul Salmon on display at Bumbershoot

"No Deposit No Return", by Lynn DiNino

"South Fork of the Stillaguamish", by Peggy Van Bianchi

"Death Was The Last Thing On Her Mind", by Jon Milazzo

The Raffle Fish, by Loren White, Joe David and Steve Brown

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